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•    1 tsp omega or flax oil or  1 tsp organic extra virgin cold pressed olive oil
•    Organic lemon or apple cider or wine vinegar to taste
•    Seasoning (a bit of salt, pepper, mustard etc…)

The recipes are by NO means restrictive they are ideas to get your brain onto the INNATE wave, experiment!!!!!!! This should give you the concept…... go create, just don’t stick a processed lasagne on the side and finish with a 1kg bar of dairy milk.

Implement the concepts slowly, remember the goal is health, and not weight loss or less pain. Looking great, having energy, sleeping well, having a powerful libido, feeling happy, and rarely being ill are all NATURAL consequences of being HEALTHY….. They are the natural side-effects of a lifestyle that your body requires……. The Innate lifestyle.
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